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Corona Virus – Updates & Prevention

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our extended family from all of our communities.  We appreciate your adherence to the guidelines we have put forth in an effort to provide the safest environment for your loved ones.  We encourage you to visit and continue to visit our Facebook page to learn how […]

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Coping With Depression After a Big Life Change

American seniors face a number of challenges in their golden years, but one issue that is becoming more prevalent is depression and mental illness. More than 15% of seniors report struggling with a mental illness of some kind, and these numbers are expected to rise as the number of global seniors increases. If you’re going through a […]

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How Seniors Can Stay Safe During Winter Weather

Winter, like any other season, has some delightful aspects. Fluffy snow makes the world sparkle a little more and everything looks idyllic. However, its beauty comes with some inherent risks, especially for seniors. With a bit of preparation, though, this time of year can be enjoyable for everyone.  Take Care of Yourself Inside and Out […]

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How to Plan for Your Bucket List Goals

Ever since the release of The Bucket List movie in 2007, people all over the world have been inspired to fearlessly pursue their lifelong dreams and goals. We, at Kaplan Development Group, are excited and happy to help our guests accomplish their goals, but we do know that such undertakings require careful care and planning. Here are 5 […]

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How Seniors Can Optimize Their Pension

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming, but with some forward thought and intentional planning, you can optimize your pension to enjoy your golden years! Here are 3 ways seniors can optimize their pension.  Plan Ahead… Far Ahead Americans are living longer than ever and saving less, leaving them potentially unprepared for the length of their […]

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Gift Ideas for Seniors

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and time to begin the search for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Here are some great gift ideas for the seniors in your life to bring joy to their world.  Books and Journals An autobiographical journal is the perfect present to preserve memories and learn […]

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Helping Elders Combat Loneliness Around the Holidays

Many seniors may experience feelings of loneliness or isolation over the holiday season, especially those in poor health or with mobility issues. Doing these 5 things will help the ones you love to combat loneliness this Christmas.  Send a Card Holiday cards can be an important tradition for many seniors and with the rise of […]

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Building and maintaining friendships can promote healthier and happier lives for people of all ages. Seniors can experience feelings of loneliness and isolation if they aren’t intentional about building relationships. Here are 4 tips for how to make friends as a senior.  Visit New Places A local senior’s center, a library, or a coffee shop […]

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