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Our History

Kaplan Developments has been innovating the senior living space for over 40 years. Our legacy began in 1970 when our founder, Mr. Glenn Kaplan, first started his career in senior living.

We have established a rich history of premier senior living experiences, from developing new properties to managing daily operations. The Kaplan name brings experience, quality, and innovative solutions every time.

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Who We Are Today

Today, we are focused on the ownership, acquisition, development, redevelopment, and management of senior living facilities along the eastern seaboard of the United States. We also have an active pipeline of assisted living projects.

The key to our success is maintaining complete control over virtually all of our growth initiatives, including development sites, implementing innovative marketing programs internally, and effectively managing each property to ensure optimal quality at every facility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the finest quality senior living with an emphasis on the important family values of compassion, integrity, and respect.

Meet the Team Behind Kaplan Development Group

Glenn Kaplan

Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Wells


Chris Slavicek

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

John Oguzturk

Vice President of Construction & Development

Debra Kobylarcz

Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Kim Diaz

Vice President of Operations

Drew Robinson

Regional Director of Operations: Mid-Atlantic

Frank Rafter

Director of Strategic Planning

Victoria Murphy

Clinical Director New England Communities

Elisa Sorensen

Regional Director of Wellness

Susan Carbone

Regional Director of Sales & Marketing: New England

Debie Petrone

Regional Director of Operations

Scott Bryant

Regional Director of Sales & Marketing: Mid-Atlantic

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