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How To Start a New Life Together

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You’re getting married and feel like a teenager again, even though you’ve been retired for a while. Now, you and your new spouse have the job of starting a new life together. This can be a little tricky since you’re both older adults. Read on for some tips and tricks to smooth out the process, shared below by Kaplan Development Group.

Find the Right Home

One of the first things you’ll have to do as a married couple is to decide where to live. One option may be to purchase a new home together. List your wants and needs, and set your budget. Then hire a real estate agent to guide your house hunt and lead you through the purchase process. You may have to compromise about features and furnishings, but you and your spouse can begin your new life together in a new home that’s right for both of you.

Handle Your Finances

You’ll also face the difficult task of handling your finances. You and your spouse will need to make some decisions here, especially with regard to accounts, investments, and debts. For example, you must decide whether to combine these or leave them separate under each of your names and start a new account together. You’ll also have to think about filing taxes and determine whether to file jointly or singly in the future. Reach out to a financial advisor for advice if you run into trouble.

Think About Insurance and Medical Care

Insurance is another tricky issue. Work with an agent who is knowledgeable about Medicare and supplemental policies, and also consider long-term care insurance, which can protect you and your spouse financially if one of you needs nursing home care in the future. 

You might also re-examine how you access medical care. These days, you can receive care right online through virtual visits with medical professionals, who can help you determine the best online therapy for you. These tend to be more flexible and affordable (especially if you have a copay), and they’ll provide you and your spouse with more care options and easier prescription renewals.

Start a New Business

As you begin your new adventure of marriage, you and your spouse might also want to embark on another new adventure: starting a business together. This would give you some extra money and allow you to spend more time together. You don’t have to make your business too complex. It should be something you truly enjoy and believe in. This will help with your marketing, too. Keep it simple with a website and word of mouth to start. You might also build a logo. You can do this easily online with a logo maker. Pick a style and icon, and then customize it with your text, fonts, and colors.

Broaden Your Social Circle

Finally, you and your spouse might broaden your social circle a bit. Meet new people by participating in a few new activities you both enjoy. You can also reconnect with old friends and classmates by doing an online search by name, graduation date, and school. Then reach out to those who live in the Jericho area.

Enjoy Married Life

Above all, enjoy married life. You’ll settle into your routines and sort out the details soon enough. Visit the Kaplan Development Group website for senior living lifestyle options.

Written by Taylor Rogers

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