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Helping Elders Combat Loneliness Around the Holidays

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Many seniors may experience feelings of loneliness or isolation over the holiday season, especially those in poor health or with mobility issues. Doing these 5 things will help the ones you love to combat loneliness this Christmas. 

Send a Card

Holiday cards can be an important tradition for many seniors and with the rise of technology, receiving a holiday card can be especially meaningful. Write a special card to your loved ones—you can even gather some family and friends to contribute to this special gift. Volunteering to help your loved ones send out their holiday cards can be a fun way to spend time with them and make their season a little more merry and bright. 

Hobbies & Areas of Interest

Local organizations, places of faith, or seniors’ centres can be great places to connect with other like-minded folks and do group activities. The communities at Kaplan Development Group are a great place for the elderly to meet, learn, and have fun together. 

The holidays are also a great time to explore new hobbies and socialize with others. Even hobbies that are typically done alone can be done with others, like woodworking or hosting a book club. Finding out about a loved one’s hobbies might even give you a great gift idea! 

Schedule Regular Activities with Loved Ones

Spending quality time with your loved one is the most important thing you can do this holiday season to help the elderly combat loneliness. Activities like baking, going for a walk, watching a holiday movie, or even looking at family photos are the quality time that will mean the most to them. 

Helpful Resources 

The Friendship Line is a toll-free number and the only accredited crisis line that was created to help seniors who are lonely, depressed, or isolated. It’s available 24/7 and can be called at 1-800-971-0016. For the more tech-savvy senior, Mental Health America has an online support community where seniors can support each other through discussion groups.

Communication is Key

Keep communication with your loved ones a priority over the holiday season. Just picking up the phone or setting up a time for a video chat can make all the difference for them. If you can regularly visit your loved ones, make it a priority to plan intentional visits and special holiday activities to do together. 

Engage with your loved ones over the holiday season and actively listen to them as you’re spending time with them. Even as the holiday season ends, create reminders to set aside at least 15-30 minutes weekly to connect with them. This will help them continue to combat loneliness as the holidays come to a close.  

At Kaplan Development Group, we work hard to create and foster compassionate and loving communities for the individuals in our care. Although the holiday season can be lonely, you can help your loved ones enjoy this time with some simple planning! For more information on our assisted living homes, give us a call at 516-496-1505 or contact us online.

Written by salim

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