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How Seniors Can Stay Safe During Winter Weather

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Winter, like any other season, has some delightful aspects. Fluffy snow makes the world sparkle a little more and everything looks idyllic. However, its beauty comes with some inherent risks, especially for seniors. With a bit of preparation, though, this time of year can be enjoyable for everyone. 

Take Care of Yourself Inside and Out

Kaplan Development Group has communities across the Eastern United States, and no two climates are the exact same. However, daylight hours are shorter during the winter months, which means Vitamin D levels are harder to maintain. Vitamin D and calcium supplements can be incredibly helpful, both for energy levels and boosting bone strength. Incorporating foods like milk, grains, and seafood options like tuna and salmon is another method of gaining these fortifying nutrients as well. Thanks to our restaurant-style gourmet dining program, which offers nutritious and flavorful meals that can be tailored to meet most specific dietary requirements, there are many options available.

Dress for the Weather From Head to Toe

Winter weather can be very enjoyable, especially if a person bundles up properly. In most Eastern climates, it’s important to dress in light layers because they’re easier to peel off (or put back on) if temperatures fluctuate or while participating in any level of physical activity. Older adults also tend to lose body heat faster than their younger counterparts, which means they are more susceptible to getting chills, or even hypothermia. It’s a good idea to dress warmly on cold days even if you are staying inside and wear cozy socks and slippers. Our facilities come with full maintenance to ensure suites are kept at optimal temperatures so your home can be comfortable all year long.

Prevent Falls by Planning Ahead

Ice and snow can be a hazard for people of any age, but seniors should take extra precautions to be safe in these conditions. Our communities are committed to making life a little easier for seniors, which is why we take care of things like home maintenance, chores, and cooking. We’ll ensure walkways are cleared and hazards are eliminated. It’s a good idea, though, to invest in a good pair of boots with traction on the heels and soles or with anti-skid materials to prevent slips and falls. When preparing to venture outside, whether heading to a vehicle or going for a walk, inform a loved one, friend, or our staff member of departure and expected return times. 

At Kaplan Development Group, we work hard to create and foster compassionate and loving communities, with independence and ease of life in mind. For more information on our assisted living homes, give us a call at (516) 496-1505 or contact us online.

Written by salim

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