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How to Maintain Your Independence in a Senior Living Community

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Kaplan Development Group strives to be the first name in seniors care, but we know that many people are concerned about moving to a senior community. However, any health problems you may face will be managed by compassionate caregivers, leaving you free to pursue whatever opportunities, goals, or activities you want.

If you’ve recently moved to a seniors community and are feeling anxious, here are 5 easy ways you can establish your independence.

Start New Hobbies

Whether you enjoy bird watching, sketching, playing an instrument, or enjoying a board game, we all know the mental health benefits that relaxing and enjoying a hobby can bring. One of the benefits we don’t realize about hobbies is how independent they make us.

Choosing how to spend your time and where you go during the day is the best way to ensure you feel in control of your life. Spending this time on a hobby you enjoy makes it all the sweeter. 

Stay Physically Active

Just like any other move in your life, making the move to a seniors community can leave you physically and mentally drained. While you should definitely take a few days to unwind and get comfortable in your new space, seniors should also make sure that they stay physically active.

Not only does regular physical activity contribute to greater cardiovascular and mental health, but it can also lead to making new friends and connections.

Keep in Contact with Loved Ones

Whether it’s friends, family, or work colleagues, you’ve spent a lifetime building important connections that see you through life’s changes, and these connections shouldn’t be ignored.

When you move into a seniors community, be sure to stay in contact with your loved ones and book regular coffee dates–you have no idea what new memories you’ll create.

Throw a Party for Your Loved Ones

At Kaplan Development Group, we strive to create suites and spaces that are welcoming to all, but we understand that moving to a new home can leave you feeling uneasy for the first little while. We also know the best way to make a space your own–a housewarming party!

Whether it’s a potluck dinner or a birthday celebration, having a party in your new space will make you more comfortable and create wonderful memories you can always look back on.

Engage with Your Community

When we are planning our communities here at Kaplan Development Group, we make sure to locate our seniors communities in areas with plenty of cultural, recreational, and spiritual opportunities.

Once you have settled into your suite and decorated it to your liking, take an afternoon to explore the community around you and see what hobby clubs and entertainment venues spark your interest.

Making the move to a senior living community is a big change in your life, but it is important to remember that you are still independent and there many things you can do in your day to remind you of that fact. Visit us online or give the team at Kaplan Development Group a call today, at (516) 496-1505, to speak to our staff about what community opportunities are available to you.

Written by salim

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